Activities and Related Entities

A question I get frequently from clients and internal users is whether or not activities are shared between related records. To be more specific, “What happens to my calls, emails, and tasks when I convert a lead to an opportunity?” Users get worried that the communication trail they’ve established within the lead will terminate when they begin working in an opportunity.

Great news! Not only does your communication trail carry over to the new opportunity, it also carries over to the newly created account and contact as well!

Let’s take a look:

I’ve created a lead and added a few activities to it:

Lead Capture - Activities

Next, I’ll qualify the lead to convert it to an opportunity, a contact, and an account. Now I can view my lead activities on all three of the newly created entities:

Opp Capture - Activities

Contact Capture - Activities

Account Capture - Activities

Now that the system has created the Account, and associated the other records to it, any new activity added to the opportunity or the contact will automatically be rolled up to the Account for a continuous communication thread.

An important note: A record’s note records do not transfer from one entity to another through this process. It is a best practice that any communication note that needs to be traced across entities be added as an activity. Notes are great, they just don’t have the same roll up features.

– John


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