Understanding Sub-Grid Functionality in Dynamics CRM 2015

Sub-Grids are an excellent way of displaying data related a record directly on the record form. In Dynamics CRM 2011, there were clear “Add New” and “Add Existing” buttons for each sub-grid so a user could determine how they wanted to associate something to the current record. With Dynamics CRM 2013, these buttons were both rolled into the singular “Add” button in the corner of each sub-grid:

Account Capture - Subgrid Button

This has caused confusion among legacy and new users alike, as the button does not have a consistent action across related records.

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Activities and Related Entities

A question I get frequently from clients and internal users is whether or not activities are shared between related records. To be more specific, “What happens to my calls, emails, and tasks when I convert a lead to an opportunity?” Users get worried that the communication trail they’ve established within the lead will terminate when they begin working in an opportunity.

Great news! Not only does your communication trail carry over to the new opportunity, it also carries over to the newly created account and contact as well!

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Hello and welcome to my Dynamics CRM blog! This will be a space for learning about Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the ways it can be used to better your business experiences. I plan on covering all sorts of topics including theory, configuration, best practices, and integration with other systems.

One of my goals, besides providing knowledge and support to other Dynamics CRM users, is to create a community atmosphere and drive discussion about Dynamics CRM. I know better than anyone that I’m frequently incorrect about things, so I encourage readers to speak up if I’m off base in a post or there are cleaner methods than what I have provided. I anticipate this will be as much of a learning experience for me as it is for my readers.

– John